Fresh Seafood & Food Service Products

HillSeafood Wholesale Food Merchants offer the complete food service. We specialise in fresh & frozen seafood, frozen foods, wholesale dry goods, groceries, packaging and cleaning products. Servicing West Australian hospitality industry including hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafés and fast food.

  • Seafood – Local Australian seafood fresh and frozen. Fresh product processed daily to order.

  • Imported Seafood – Large range of quality frozen imported seafood lines. Portion controlled products for your food service requirements.

  • Frozen Foods – Snack foods, potato lines, pastries, deserts, breads and much more.

  • Meats – Locally sourced Beef, Lamb and Pork prime cuts.  Australian Poultry (Chicken, Duck and Turkey).

  • Small Goods – Quality European small goods sourced in Western Australia.

  • Dairy – Local and international cheeses, creams and butters.

  • Bulk Dried Goods – Dry store lines, tin product, oils, herbs and spices, flours and pulses.

  • Packaging & Cleaning – Napkins, wraps, plastic/card/environmental containers, hot/cold cups. Food service cleaners, detergents and disinfectants.

Please contact us for more information about our product range, wholesale account or any special requirements.

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